Goldclasses 2018: Arts Management

Date: 13-Jun-2018

Arts Management: Creating the possibility of Creation

Lecturer: Dr. Victoria Alexander

Date: Wednesday 13th June   

Time: 14:00 – 16:00     

Location: Goldsmiths, University of London

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Information: The cultural and creative sector is one of the quickest-growing sectors in the UK and across the world, providing jobs for millions of people. Some of those people are artists or ‘creatives’; however, creativity cannot happen in a vacuum. In order for projects to be realised, a whole range of activities from planning to funding need to be in place. Supporting creativity is a fundamentally creative act in itself. Popular music gigs, classical music concerts, theatre shows, art exhibitions, dance performances, film festivals, street festivals and every imaginable artistic event happen because someone produces them, and the art world would not function without someone to arrange for ticket or object sales, fundraising, audience development and other crucial activities. This masterclass introduces key concepts of arts management, and explains why it is such an exciting and growing field. Through case studies, you will develop and engage with planning and problem solving skills that could be the first step in a successful career in which you create the possibility of creation.

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