Engineering: Good Vibrations

Date: 01-May-2019

Good Vibrations - How do acoustics and sound waves link into engineering?

Location: University of Sheffield campus

Time(s): 9:30am - 2:30pm

Target year group: Y12 and Y13

Information and benefits of attending this event: Come to Sheffield to explore a hands-on engineering experience with sound waves. See for yourself how acoustics can be used to levitate, sense, navigate and communicate. There will be interactive demonstrations from multiple universities including acoustic virtual reality, binaural head listening, ultrasonic imaging and much more. You'll also have a tour of our engineering building, the Diamond. This will include visiting 19 state of the art laboratories and our student-led maker space called iForge.

How to book a place: Ask a member of school/college staff to book you a place at the event on

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