English and Comparative Literature Discovery Day

Date: 03-Jun-2019

Time: 09:45 – 14:40

Location: Goldsmiths, University of London

Information & benefits of attending this event: Over the course of the day you experience two taster lectures engaging you in contemporary, critical debate within Computing, tour the college to see where our students study and socialise, and learn about student life and wellbeing at Goldsmiths. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet some of our current students on your course of interest and hear first-hand about their experiences selecting a subject and starting a course at university.
Session One
This lecture style session will take a look at women, witches, and Shakespeare's collaboration with Thomas Middleton. You will have a chance to explore what makes women monstrous, the function of Shakespeare's witches and the role of the supernatural in the construction of anxiety. The lecture will also look at Middleton's role in the play for the first Folio and the very different ways in which the play can be understood, according to who writes the witches.
Session Two
In this workshop/seminar style session, participants will collaboratively consider the role and definitions of magic: what makes a witch and what makes a woman; and how male anxiety has created stereotypical images of both. You will examine the relationship between magic and anxiety, as well as agency and control and how we need elements of the supernatural in order to make sense of chaos.
How to book your place: please visit www.gold.ac.uk/schools-and-colleges/post-16/discovery-days
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