Marketing Discovery Day

Date: 14-Jun-2019

Time: 09:45 – 14:40

Location: Goldsmiths, University of London

Information & benefits of attending this event: Over the course of the day you experience two taster lectures engaging you in contemporary, critical debate within Computing, tour the college to see where our students study and socialise, and learn about student life and wellbeing at Goldsmiths. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet some of our current students on your course of interest and hear first-hand about their experiences selecting a subject and starting a course at university.
Session One
What is Marketing and why does Marketing matter?
(Luciana Velloso, Christian Eichert – Lecturers in Marketing)
The ad campaign for the new iPhone; the latest viral clip on YouTube; the upcoming blockbuster movie of a well-known superhero franchise: Many people claim to tell apart “good” marketing from “bad” marketing. But what actually do we mean by the term marketing? Is marketing an art? Is it a science? Maybe a bit of both or neither at all? Is marketing all about selling stuff, persuading people, making money? Or could it also be about listening to consumers, solving real-world problems, and empowering people? What does a brand manager do? How is a marketing strategy developed and executed? What are the larger implications of marketing in a society, in which many of us define ourselves and who we are in terms of the consumption choices we make (or resist to make)? Is marketing a contributor to problems such as over-consumption, pollution, and global inequalities, or could it also possibly be part of a solution to such issues?
In the first part of this session, Luciana and Christian will work with you towards a mutual understanding of what marketing is and why it matters. In the second part they will showcase to you our different marketing degree programmes, and discuss how and why marketing at Goldsmiths might be the right choice for you.
Session Two
That’s interesting! Marketing Research at Goldsmiths.
(Astrid van den Bossche, Sven Molner – Lecturers in Marketing)
In this session, two Marketing lecturers introduce you to their research. In the first part of the session, Sven will explore how new markets come into existence. For example, think about Airbnb and how it created an alternative to traditional hotel accommodation. Or think about organic meat and how consumer activism helped create an alternative to meat produced by large-scale industrial agriculture. Sven will shed light on the processes that led to the emergence of these new market categories. In the second part of this session, Astrid will take you on a journey into the world of bra advertising in the American 1950s, highlighting how one particular campaign became an enduring symbol for post-war femininity and jostled with an evolving feminist sensibility. This session is designed to show you how studying marketing can touch on many different topics and take you in unexpected directions.

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