Visual Cultures Discovery Day

Date: 13-Jun-2019

Time: 09:45 – 14:40

Location: Goldsmiths, University of London

Information & benefits of attending this event: Over the course of the day you experience two taster lectures engaging you in contemporary, critical debate within Computing, tour the college to see where our students study and socialise, and learn about student life and wellbeing at Goldsmiths. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet some of our current students on your course of interest and hear first-hand about their experiences selecting a subject and starting a course at university.

Session One

This session will engage with practices of looking. Taking as a starting point a particular visual work we will explore together the ways in which these works might tell certain stories, examining the effect of the stories told about them, and how the stories we tell about them come to matter. We will explore how art histories, social, political and personal stakes, and theories of gender, race, and ability engage with visual work to produce and disrupt the worlds within which we live and act.

Session Two

In this session we will continue to explore the paradigms of visual culture and society at large through a workshop that engages with practices of curating. We will establish the contemporary meaning and history of the term and its character as an academic pursuit. This will prepare the ground for us to work together in order to explore how collective practices of curating might allow us to investigate the social world, while also gaining an understanding of each other’s individual perspectives on this world.

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