National Student Conference (Southern event)

Date: 07-Mar-2020

Time(s): 11:00-16:00

Information: At the start of the RO programme, all of the students taking part in RO will come together to attend a RO National Student Conference (NSC).

More information on what is included in the day will be made available soon in the National Student Conference guide.

The NSC is an important event in the RO calendar that RO students from across the country attend. Students hosted by the following partner universities will attend the University of Exeter conference:

University of Exeter

Goldsmiths, University of London

King's College London

Queen Mary University of London

University of Sussex


Travel to and from the NSC will be arranged by students' host university.

How to book a place: When places on the RO programme are confirmed, all RO students will be invited to attend the relevant conference.

Additional information: Please click here for the event risk assessment and signed risk assessment.