Studying Media, Thinking Media, Making Media

Date: 21-Jan-2020

Location: The University of Sussex

Time: 10am-3pm

Target year group: Year 12/13

Information: This exciting event allows students to understand more about the different degrees available in Media, Film and Music and the many career trajectories that they lead to. Students will gain a taste of what and how MFM students are taught at university level in Media and Communications, Film Studies, Media Production and Film making, as well as getting insight into what skills and FE qualification they need to study these degrees.

Benefits of attending this event: This is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain an interactive experience of what it means to study Media at University as well as learning from current students about Media degrees.

How to book a place: Find full event information and our booking page on this link:

Any steps required to confirm your attendance with the university running the event: Please email Polly on after the event; I will then log your attendance so it contributes to your RO events tally.


It may be possible to have reasonable travelling expenses reimbursed to attend an RO event/activity. You should check in advance with the university delivering the event to see if this is possible by contacting to find out what you need to do.