Electronics and Robotics Day

Date: 30-Jan-2020

Location: University of Sussex

Time: 10am-3pm

Target year group: Year 12/13


Microcontrollers and actuators are a key enabling technology for tomorrow’s robotics applications. An actuator is a component that allows moving/controlling a mechanism or a system such as a robotic arm or the griper mechanism usually known as the end-effector.

The development of automated robots in the healthcare sector are used to improve quality of people’s life ranging from surgical robots to rehabilitation robots for performing specific tasks.

In this session, you are going to see examples of robots we built at Sussex Robotics. You will meet the Medical Robotics Team working on the design, Construction, Modification and Testing of an Industrial Robotic Arm for Surgical Applications. We are a combination of Mechanical, Computing and Electronic Engineers that have developed multidisciplinary skills to help surgeons to perform precision intraoperative procedures using robots.

You will also have the opportunity to build your own robot-gripper mechanism, learn to work with servo motors and electrically driven actuator and develop your own code for programming your robot to preform autonomous tasks.

If you like robots, you will love learning and building your own robot as we prepare you to become a future robotics engineer.

Benefits of attending this event: A great way to extend your knowledge of robotics; how they are made and used and pathways into robotics careers.

How to book a place: Find full event information and our booking page on this link: https://sites.google.com/view/wpevents/events/post-16


It may be possible to have reasonable travelling expenses reimbursed to attend an RO event/activity. You should check in advance with the university delivering the event to see if this is possible by contacting p.wallace-kruger@sussex.ac.uk to find out what you need to do.