Queen Mary Open Day

Date: 22-Mar-2020

Location: Queen Mary University, Mile End Campus, E1 4NS

Time: 10pm-3pm

Target year group: Year 12/13

Information: Find out what makes Queen Mary different. Hear from our students. Meet our lecturers. It’s time to explore Queen Mary University of London!

Benefits of attending this event: Find out more about Queen Mary, visit a taster lecture and meet colleagues from Student Services.

How to book a place: Booking will open soon, please use this link to book your place: https://www.qmul.ac.uk/undergraduate/openday/

Any steps required to confirm your attendance with the university running the event: Please email: realisingopportunities@qmul.ac.uk in advance to register your attendance as a Realising Opportunities student.

It may be possible to have reasonable travelling expenses reimbursed to attend an RO event/activity. You should check in advance with the university delivering the event to see if this is possible by contacting realisingopportunities@qmul.ac.uk to find out what you need to do.