Be a Molecular Biology student for the day: DNA manipulation

Date: 07-Feb-2020

Location: University of Sheffield campus

Time(s): 10.00am-3.15pm

Target year group: Y12 and Y13

Information and benefits of attending this event: This taster day at the University of Sheffield gives A Level biologists a taste of what it’s like to study molecular biology at university.
In the morning you'll be working in the molecular biology lab, undertaking practical work to manipulate DNA. You’ll be working with one of our staff members and some of our current students, using equipment and facilities used in industry and research. You'll digest some DNA using a restriction enzyme and then analyse your samples using agarose gel electrophoresis. The ability to manipulate DNA and the technique of gel electrophoresis are core to biology labs all over the world. They form the basis for many molecular biology applications, including cloning, gene/protein analysis, paternity testing and DNA fingerprinting.

After lunch there'll be a chance for you to find out more about being a molecular biology student at the University of Sheffield, with an interactive mini-lecture where a current biology topic will be discussed. This will be followed by a Q&A session with some of our current undergraduate students, a member of our admissions team, and a careers expert, who will all be on hand to answer any queries you might have about studying molecular biology (or the wider biologies) at university.  

How to book a place: Complete the form on the event webpage to apply for a place. We would encourage you to mention RO in your statement at the end of the application form. 

Any steps required to confirm your attendance with the university running the event: If you would like your attendance recognised on your RO record, please email


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