Computer Science: Let's talk about machine learning

Date: 29-May-2020

Time: 10:30am – 12 midday

Target year group: Y12

Information: Are you interested in Computer Science, but are not sure what it entails? Have you heard about Machine Learning, but do not know what can be really done with it?

Join us for a virtual taster session about machine learning with researchers from the University of Sheffield.

We will introduce machine learning, with examples of its applications in real-word scenarios. You will also have a hands-on experience where machine learning is applied to predict the number of bikes rented according to conditions like temperature, weather, etc.

You will also be given all the material used in the virtual session to keep playing at home!

How to book a place: Complete the booking form provided on the event webpage:

In order to ensure the best experience for those taking part, there are limited places available at this session so please apply for your place in advance.

Any steps required to confirm your attendance with the university running the event: If you would like your attendance recognised on your RO record, please email after your place has been confirmed.