UCAT 2020 Online Course with Sheffield

Date: 01-Jul-2020


Date: 1st – 30th July 2020

Time: TBC

Target year group: Y12

Information: Outreach Officers and current medical and dental students at the University of Sheffield have created an engaging and inclusive online course to help aspiring medical and dental students with the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT).

What is the structure of the UCAT 2020 Online Course?

The course is split into 5 blocks, with each block covering one of the five subsets of the UCAT. Each block includes:

  • An engaging online lesson
  • Sample questions for you to solve at you own pace
  • A timed mock test, with personalised feedback from a current student
  • Discussions forums, where you can ask questions and discuss topics about the UCAT with current and aspiring medical and dental students

Plus two live webinar Q&As with current medical and dental students.

Each subset block will run for between 5-6 days, it is up to you when you complete the block in that time. The online course will run in addition to your own revision. It is estimated that you will spend approximately 10 hours completing the online course. Students who get the highest scores on the UCAT, spend between 25-30 hours preparing for the exam, so we expect you to be doing your own revision daily, in addition to the online course.

The course is run by outreach staff and student ambassadors, independent of those involved with admissions decisions at The University of Sheffield.

Benefits: At the University of Sheffield, you need to have a good score on the UCAT to be invited to interview for medicine and dentistry. The online course may help you develop the skills and techniques to improve your score. Rather than revising alone, our resources and ambassadors will keep you motivated during your revision, and will answer questions you have about the exam. Also, the course is completely free.

How to book a place: To apply for a place on this course, please complete the application form at https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/medicine-dentistry-health/about/schools-outreach by Thursday 18th June. Places will be filled based on eligibility criteria listed on the webpage, and on a first come, first served basis.

Any steps required to confirm your attendance with the university running the event: If you would like your participation recognised on your RO record, please email rosheffield@sheffield.ac.uk after your place on the course has been confirmed.