Animal Plant Sciences Taster Sessions

Date: 21-Oct-2020

Time: 16:00 – 17:45

Target year group: Y13

Information: Explore our evolving planet: Tropical rainforest ecosystems to COVID-19

This session is for students studying A Level Biology with an interest in studying biology or a related subject (e.g. ecology and conservation, zoology, plant science) at University.

Want to do some fun and interactive biology from the comfort of your own home? We will first of all transport you (virtually) to the tropical rainforest. You will be guided through an exercise using sound recordings of bird calls to investigate the effects of urbanisation on tropical rainforest ecosystems. After a quick break, Professor Andrew Beckerman will then explore the ecology of disease with you in a mini-lecture. Professor Jon Slate will then follow this with an exploration of the evolution of COVID-19 using online DNA sequences of the virus to investigate its origin and spread. To finish off the session, there will be a chance for you to find out more about being a biology student at the University of Sheffield as you take part in a Q&A. You will have the chance to talk to some of our current undergraduate students, and our admissions tutor, who will all be on hand to answer any queries you might have about studying biology at university.

Benefits of attending this event: Our online taster sessions help Year 13 students experience what it is like to study at the University of Sheffield.

How to book a place: To book your place you will need to complete a google form which can be found on the event page linked here:

In the event that there are more applications than there are available places, the Taster day team will assess all application forms and make decisions on the most suitable candidates based on predetermined scoring criteria. 

Any steps required to confirm your attendance with the university running the event:

To confirm your attendance at this event please email including the session you attended and the date it took place.