Politics and International Relations taster session

Date: 25-Nov-2020

Time: 13:00 – 15:00 

Target year group: Year 13

Information: Politics and International Relations: Can torture ever be justified?

This virtual experience day at the University of Sheffield will give you a taste of what it is like to study Politics and International Relations at University. The online taster day will focus on the question of whether torture can ever be justified? The use of torture is illegal and the right not to be tortured is written into international law. Yet both the American and British governments tortured individuals during the War on Terror following 9/11 for reasons of self-defence and to protect national security from terrorist threats. There have also been numerous reports that torture happens in many conflicts around the world in order to gather information, prevent defection, punish, and encourage compliance. Despite the widespread use of torture, it has been proven to be ineffective, strengthen the opposition, as well as being unethical. Torture violates human rights and dignity, causing severe pain and long lasting psychological harm. Most discussions of torture focus on human rights, but what about animal rights? Does the castrations of pigs, artificial insemination of cows, de-beaking also constitute torture? If torture treats the victim as a means to an end, as a ‘thing’, not as a person with values, then does this mean that animal testing is torture?

You will explore these questions, as well examining why states decide to torture people. Who makes the decisions about who to torture and how to torture them? As well as the various debates about torture during the Taster Day, you will look at the use of torture in the War on Terror, and other armed conflicts around the world to give you a first-hand look of what it is like to study Politics & International Relations at Sheffield. You will virtually meet a number of our members of staff as they introduce you to different points of view and debates, and ask you whether you think torture can ever be justified.

Benefits of attending this event: Our online taster sessions help Year 13 students experience what it is like to study at the University of Sheffield.

How to book a place: The following taster session is aimed at any Y13 pupils who have not yet submitted their UCAS form, and are therefore not holding any offers with the University of Sheffield. Any pupils who are offer holders and book onto a taster session will instead be invited to join us for our Virtual Applicant days from December - April.

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