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Page Background

% of students with increased preparedness

0 10

20 30

40 50

Possibly living away from home


Managing your finances


University life in general


Getting used to a new university campus/place of study


Meeting new people


Independent study


Figure 3 Proportion of Cohort 8 students whose preparedness for university life

increased between the start and end of the RO programme

Source: Cohort 8 Follow-up survey linked with Baseline survey


Preparedness for university life

Comparing the responses of Cohort 8 students at the

Follow-up survey with their responses at the Baseline

survey shows that nearly half (46%) felt more prepared

about possibly living away from home as a result of

participation in the RO programme, while 44% felt more

prepared for managing their finances, 37% felt more

prepared about university life in general, and 35% felt

more prepared about getting used to a new university

campus or place of study (Figure 3).