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The Programme

The structured and interactive Realising Opportunities (RO) Programme will help you develop your academic skills, improve your awareness of higher education and knowledge of how to apply to university. It will also give you increased access to the RO universities through events and activities

A local launch virtual event

with your host university to celebrate your place on the RO programme, get you started, and meet university representatives and other students taking part in the RO programme.

Online support

through which you can get answers to your questions from both current university students who have been in your shoes and staff from our Partner universities.

A virtual student conference

where you have the chance to meet others from across the country taking part in RO and representatives from all of the RO universities.


This online study challenge and quiz helps to develop key academic skills that will be useful in both studies at school/college and at university.

Academic Skills Module

The RO Academic Skills Module has been developed to give students an authentic experience of academic work at university.

A wide range of online events and activities

at the RO Partner universities.

Access to Professions

RO provides lots of great ways to find out more about professions and career options from meeting employers at the National Student Conference to our monthly ‘Ask the Graduate’ feature.

Overall I am very happy I have taken part in RO. In year 12 it is somewhat hard to fathom how much of an advantage extra consideration and lower offers gives you as an applicant until you reach the point of applying and I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to take part in this programme.

RO Student - 2013


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