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The Programme

The structured and interactive Realising Opportunities (RO) Programme will help you develop your academic skills, improve your awareness of higher education and knowledge of how to apply to university. It will also give you increased access to the RO universities through events and activities

Local Launch

The Local Launch event provides an introduction to Realising Opportunities and the RO Programme of activities and events, as well as your host university.

Online support

through which you can get answers to your questions from both current university students who have been in your shoes and staff from our Partner universities.

National Student Conference

The event is attended by RO students from across the country and takes place at one of our partner universities. Students attend skills based workshops and meet representatives from all of the RO universities.


This online study challenge and quiz helps to develop key academic skills that will be useful in both studies at school/college and at university.

Academic Skills Module

The RO Academic Skills Module has been developed to give students an authentic experience of academic work at university. It is made up of an on campus event followed by an online element.

Events and Activites

Students have access to events and activities at all of the RO universities around the country as well as residential opportunities. You can see the events currently on offer here.

Access to Professions

RO provides lots of great ways to find out more about professions and career options from meeting employers at the National Student Conference to our monthly ‘Ask the Graduate’ feature.

Overall I am very happy I have taken part in RO. In year 12 it is somewhat hard to fathom how much of an advantage extra consideration and lower offers gives you as an applicant until you reach the point of applying and I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to take part in this programme.

RO Student - 2013


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Student resources

This section provides e-versions of essential RO documents, as well as useful links.

Cohort 11: 2019- 2021

Cohort 10: 2018- 2020

Academic Assignment: Cohort 10

National Student Conference 2020


MOOCs stands for Massive Open Online Courses and many of the RO universities run these for free via MOOC websites. Courses usually last for around 6-8 weeks, take from 1-5 hours a week to complete and are in a wide variety of subjects. Click on the links below to access the sites and keep an eye on our twitter feed for new MOOCs from the RO universities:


Revision resources

We’ve put together lots of useful links and resources to help you plan your revision and prepare for your exams.

Resources have been split into categories including: learning styles, revision techniques and methods, subject specific resources, past papers and overcoming exam stress and anxiety.

You can work through the whole revision document or click on the title which most interests you and go directly to that section:

Revision-Materials Revision-Materials (534 KB)



The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a mandatory part of the Medicine and Dentistry admissions process for 30 UK universities.

Candidates must personally register for the test, this cannot be done by schools/colleges and you cannot sit the test without registering.

Register for your UCAT here.

See the resources below to make sure you are prepared for your UCAT!

UCAT Preparation Materials
These free, official resources provided by the UCAT Consortium should provide everything you need to prepare for the test. They include tutorials, a free APP, advice from past candidates, as well as a Question Bank with over 1,000 example questions, and 3 fully timed Practice Tests!

UCAT offer full free bursaries to candidates from low-income households which covers the full costs of the test. See if you are eligible for a bursary now!


  • RO has enabled me to study my dream course at a Russell Group University

    Joe, RO student 2015-2017

  • On the RO programme, you are exposed to a wealth of opportunities. The best experience for me was a week-long residential where I stayed in University halls

    Naazia, RO Student 2010-2011

  • I had no idea what a research intensive university was before taking part in RO

    Raelle, RO Student 2010-2011

  • I learned how to structure assignments and look for reliable sources to get information from

    RO student, 2013-2015

  • My UCAS application was much stronger, but more importantly I feel I gained valuable skills that could be transferred to university

    Robert, RO Student 2010-2011


The RO Programme will encourage you to consider your career planning in a number of ways:

The monthly Ask the Graduate feature allows you to ask people from a variety of professions questions.

You will have access to professional bodies at the National Student Conference exhibition.

Our RO partner universities’ careers webpages can also provide useful advice:


Careers Guidance at university

There are also lots of opportunities to further your career planning once you get to university. Although it might seem like a long way off, the sooner you start thinking about your future career the better!

Every university has a careers service which you can make use of as a student there! The careers team can help in lots of different ways. Here are just some of the services they offer:

  • Careers advisers can provide you with help to work out what you want to do, and they’re a really good place to start if you are unsure.
  • On the other hand, if you know exactly what you want to do when you graduate they can also provide specific advice for that profession.
  • They can help you organise work experience to put on your CV in order to help you stand out when applying for jobs
  • They organise many events, ranging from careers fairs where lots of employers are represented, workshops to help you prepare for the world of work and presentations by individual employer.
  • When you come to apply for jobs, they can provide advice on writing a CV and can arrange interview preparation sessions for you.


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