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RO Central Team - Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Posted 7 months ago

Hi! My name is Gurpawan and I’m a Veterinary Sciences students at the University of Liverpool.

Why Liverpool?

I was not sure which university to pick – they all looked tempting, but the warmth and kindness I received at the open day and on the day of my interview at Liverpool was amazing. Not only were the staff and fellow students very friendly, the course looked great, with a mixture of assessment and exams including practicals which makes everything interesting. These are some of the reasons, which led me to pick Liverpool.

I really enjoy the University’s Guild (Student Union). There are so many societies to choose from e.g. from Faith Societies, from Liverpool Sikh Society to dance societies and Liverpool Bhangra Society. Through joining societies I have made friends from different courses and backgrounds and I love it!! When I’m in the Guild and feeling peckish I always get a cheeky cupcake and hot chocolate at Costa which is 2 minutes away from the Library and is also a pick me up on days when I have a 9am to 5pm.

Liverpool the city is a great place to study. If I ever miss home I take a walk into town and wander around the shops and cafes - there are always student discounts not to be missed!

Why Veterinary Sciences?

We cover everything from anatomy to parasitology. We learn about the basic dog anatomy and how the body functions which is surprisingly similar to that of a humans! We learn about husbandry which includes how to take care of animals daily, rear and breed them. We have an amazing opportunity to do Extra Mural Studies on a yearly basis, which includes working with animals to make sure we can identify their needs, meet them and handle each species of a particular animal. We learn about how animals can get disease and the underlying causes. Some parasites are so small you need to see them under a microscope - you would never assume they are there.

My course has allowed me to develop my study skills as a student as well as be more organised and know where I have to be and what lecture is being taught, I feel more proactive. I am so lucky to soon be going to a conference in Edinburgh to showcase my research, it’s a wonderful opportunity and will help build my confidence and help me further down the line as I prepare for my career.

From studying Veterinary Sciences there are many different fields to go into, some of which include Small Animal, Farm, Equine and also Mixed Practice, research, exotics and lots more!

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