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RO Central Team - Thursday, September 24, 2020
Posted 7 months ago

Student Life at University

 See below for videos and articles from our Partner Universities on what it’s like to be a student at a research intensive university (RIU). Get insights into student life, including information on extra-curricular activities, making friends, and joining societies and clubs.

University of Birmingham

Learn about the University of Birmingham’s Guild of Students, their Personal Skills Award, and watch a video about student life at the University.

University of Exeter

Read about the societies and groups you can join as a student at the University of Exeter, discover the Students’ Union, and get an insight into student life by reading blog posts written by current students.

Goldsmiths, University of London

Explore Goldsmiths’ guidance on settling into University, balancing your studies with part-time work, and maintaining your health and wellbeing while you’re a student.

King’s College London

Learn about the King’s College London Students’ Union and what they do for students, the exciting clubs and societies available, and read an overview of student life at King’s.

Lancaster University

Read this Lancaster University student’s blog about their favourite places in the city and on campus, take a look at the sports centre website, and learn about the Lancaster Award.

University of Leeds

Talk to current students through Link to Leeds, meet the Pets as Therapy team, and watch this video on student life at Leeds.

University of Leicester

Take a virtual tour of the University of Leicester, and read about the University’s societies and sports facilities.

University of Liverpool

Listen to the stories of current students at the University of Liverpool, read the Insider’s Guide to the city, and choose from almost 40 videos of students talking about their subjects and life in Liverpool.

Loughborough University

Learn about living in Loughborough, look at this handy guide for budgeting your weekly shop, and watch a vlog by Demitta, a current Loughborough student.

Newcastle University

Read about student life at Newcastle University, explore the Students’ Union Twitter account, and watch some YouTube videos made by current students.

University of Nottingham

Discover what life on campus is like at the University of Nottingham by reading this guide, exploring students’ blogs, and watching this video guide on how to prepare for University.

Queen Mary University of London

Watch this day in the life video which follows a third year dentistry student at Queen Mary University of London, read about student life, and discover the Queen Mary Students’ Union.

University of Sheffield

Explore the University of Sheffield through a selection of virtual tours, take a look through this list of clubs and societies, and learn about ‘give it a go’ one off activities.

University of Sussex

Read all about the University of Sussex campus, find out what kind of support is available for students, and learn about life at Sussex through exploring these undergraduate students’ stories.


Check out these top tips on preparing for life as a first year student at UCL, opportunities for volunteering, and joining a club or society.

University of Warwick

Find out about wellbeing at the University of Warwick by watching these YouTube videos, read about life as an undergraduate student at the University, and click here to explore the Student Union website.

University of York

Click here to discover how the college system works at the University of York, learn about the exciting opportunities to study abroad, and watch this short video to hear how these York students feel about living on campus.