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Tara Broadhurst

Admin _ - Thursday, July 13, 2017
Posted 5 months ago

Tuesday 14 October 2014, Realising Opportunities hosted an event in the House of Commons to celebrate the work of the unique collaborative RO Partnership and the success of our students! Jade Montagna, RO student at the University of Warwick, attended the event.

“In October, a reception was held at the House of Commons for students and staff alike from the universities involved with Realising Opportunities. It was a chance to hear from the founders of Realising Opportunities about how the programme started and their goal of encouraging students to progress to research intensive universities. It was also a chance to hear from past students about how the programme has aided them in not only getting a place at the university of their choice, but in gaining them skills that will allow them to be successful throughout and beyond their university life.

I was very excited to be attending the reception and personally found it extremely useful for a few main reasons. Firstly, it gave me the chance to speak to people in all positions, such as current students or admissions staff, about key aspects to include in my personal statement, giving me many ideas about things to include in my statement that I never thought would be useful. The reception also gave me the chance to speak to people from other universities and has led to me considering and applying for universities that I hadn’t previously considered – I spoke to students and staff and found out more information about the universities, the student life there and the courses that I was interested in that I didn’t know they offered.

All in all, the reception was an eye opener, certainly for me, and was a great opportunity to showcase Realising Opportunities and how far it has come since its conception and how far it will continue to progress in the future.”