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My RO Story - Zain Hameed

Admin _ - Thursday, July 13, 2017
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Zain Hameed, RO ementor and Brightside Student Mentor of the Year 2015, is studying Dentistry at King’s College London.

I became an ementor as I felt very fortunate in receiving a great deal of help from others in obtaining my university place, and wanted to help others to achieve their aspirations.

I took part in online mentoring with the purpose of helping the students I supported to achieve as much as possible in their A levels and to prepare them for the numerous challenges faced in higher education. I helped my students with advice on revision tips and how to acquire work experience, and there was a vast bank of fantastic articles and interactive activities available for us to use on the online portal. Activities included problem solving and reflective tasks, such as how to budget and evaluate one’s own strengths and weaknesses. I found ementoring to be one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever undertaken.

I thought it was a real privilege being able to mentor such intelligent and capable young adults, all with very bright futures ahead of them. It was a pleasure to be able to help them with any problems, big or small, dealing with concerns that I now take for granted such as the UCAS process, student finance and revision tips.

Ementoring has been a life changing experience for me, positively resonating across many aspects of my personal and professional life. It was astounding to witness the tremendous progress of my mentees: from initially feeling anxious about their futures and doubting their capabilities, to by the end of the year, meeting the grade requirements for their desired courses and being full of confidence in what they could accomplish.

I still feel a great sense of disbelief at winning the Brightside award! It is an honour to have received the award out of hundreds of other extremely hard working and committed ementors. I feel very grateful to my mentees and those on the mentoring teams who felt my work deserved to be recognised in the way that it was. I would like to emphasise the fact that it was the wonderful nature and enthusiasm of my students and the support of staff which enabled me to work productively in the role.

I now hope to complete my dental degree and continue using the invaluable life skills I have learnt through mentoring to benefit my patients daily. I also hope to continue helping younger students both in accessing and progressing through their course, passing on the knowledge I have gained from the brilliant teaching provided here at King’s.