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Realising Opportunities

Student evaluation has facilitated an understanding of the affect RO has had

on students in a number of key areas

The alternative

offer has proved to

be a real factor in

influencing student

choice, as over half of

respondents reported

that the potential to

receive an alternative

offer influenced their

decisions about which

universities to apply for

11 Hancock, S., Wakeling, P., and Ewart, A. (2016) Evaluation of the Realising Opportunities Programme:

Report for the Realising Opportunities Partnership. York: University of York, Department of Education.


hours spent on the

ementoring portal by RO students


visits to Partner universities have been made by

RO students, with many travelling to events and

activities outside of their local area


visits by students to the ementoring

portal and Bright Knowledge Bank


messages sent by

students on the

ementoring portal

of students

reported that they

had an improved

understanding of

research intensive

universities after

taking part in RO




RO has helped

improve students’

skills for university