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Impact Report


Kymrun Dhami was hosted on the RO Programme by


University of Warwick

. Kymrun then went on to

study Mathematics at the

University of York


My favourite part about the Realising Opportunities Programme

was being able to visit a whole range of research intensive

universities and being able to experience university life first

hand. Each visit meant you could talk to current students at

the university and get up-to-date information about life at the

university rather than simply reading about it in a prospectus. It

helped to provide a more realistic insight and made it easier to

understand how different each university was and the range that

was on offer.

The Realising Opportunities Programme helped me in so

many ways. One of the main things I gained was finding my

university through it. I was not originally considering attending

the University of York as it seemed a bit too far away from home,

however I had the chance to visit it on an Open Day and see

what it was like. It was only when I actually visited the university I

knew it was the one for me, this is something I never would have

discovered if it hadn’t been for RO.

I was also able to use a lot of skills I had developed when

completing the Academic Assignment element of the programme

in my degree. In my first year of university I had to complete a

small project which had a very similar style to the Academic

Assignment so I felt very well prepared for it. Moreover, RO gave

me access to a range of university summer schools whilst in

sixth form; it made me feel a lot more confident and prepared for

university - it was all a little less daunting as I’d already had an

insight into university life.

The thing I enjoyed most about university was having the

opportunity to meet a whole range of new people. I have made

so many wonderful friends and have learnt so much about other

people’s lives and backgrounds. It is also nice to study alongside

likeminded people on your course who share a similar passion

to you. I can’t imagine ever having been able to meet and get to

know such a vast and diverse amount of people if it wasn’t for


My RO story