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Realising Opportunities

Monitoring and evaluation

have been key components of

RO since the Partnership was

established and this report

outlines how we have assessed

and analysed the impact we have

had on those students who have

participated in the innovative RO


This report also introduces

you to several of the students

who have benefitted from the

RO Programme, along with

undergraduate ementors who

support RO students, and staff

at Partner institutions who have

worked tirelessly to ensure RO

continues its successes. We also

hear from teachers and advisers

about the impact RO has had on

the young people at their schools

and colleges.

I am delighted that we not

only showcase our successes,

students, ementors and

individual Partners but also the

RO Partnership itself. We have

demonstrated that a group of

leading universities from across

England can work together in a

Realising Opportunities

(RO) is proud of its vision

to work together in a unique

national partnership to

increase the number of

‘most able, least likely’

students applying to,

entering and succeeding

at research intensive

universities across all

subjects. It is therefore

with great pleasure that

I introduce you to this

impact report that explains

how, since 2009, the RO

Partnership has worked to

realise this vision. RO began

as a HEFCE


and DBIS


funded pilot project which

ran until 2012; since then

RO has been wholly funded

by equal contributions from

Partner universities.

Professor Ella Ritchie,

OBE, Chair of Realising

Opportunities, Emeritus Professor

at Newcastle University

4 Higher Education Funding Council England.

5 Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.