About Realising Opportunities

RO is a unique collaboration of leading research intensive universities working together to promote fair access to university and professions. We support some of the country’s brightest 16-19 year olds through a structured programme of interventions designed to ensure they can be successful in their education and future career.

The RO programme gives students a wide range of information in a variety of ways in order for students to have the space and support to make informed decisions. Students participating in RO have access to all of the RO Partner universities throughout their time on the programme with alternative offers available for those who successfully complete.

The RO Partner universities

The RO Partner universities are research intensive universities (RIUs).

RIUs produce high quality research which makes new discoveries possible, and contributes to increased knowledge for the good of society; RIUs seek to address global problems with cutting edge research. Teaching is research-led in a vibrant environment which makes for an exceptional student learning experience.

  • Leading academics and tutors, who are experts in their field.
  • Vibrant learning environments where new discoveries are being made.
  • Cutting edge facilities thanks to the investment associated with research.
  • Top careers guidance and strong links with business.
  • World-renowned reputations which are highly valued by employers.

You can find out more about our Partner universities by clicking on the logos below:

The benefits for students

Students at research intensive universities benefit from:

  • Research-led teaching which creates vibrant learning environments
  • Opportunities to develop transferable skills which are valuable for employment and further study
  • Investment in cutting edge facilities
  • Careers Services which are able to establish and maintain strong links with businesses to ensure ongoing employment and development opportunities for their students and graduates
  • Through their collaboration with business, research intensive universities can also offer companies the benefits of research findings and give students opportunities to develop invaluable skills.

RO students completing the programme benefit from:

  • Alternative offers from the RO Partner universities which are typically two grades lower than the standard offer
  • Experiences and support to help make informed decisions about higher education and research intensive universities
  • Skills development in planning, analysis, critical thinking, evaluation and independent research
  • Online support from university students and staff at the RO Partner universities
  • A wide range of events and activities at the RO Partner universities. Travel costs may be supported
  • Additional consideration when applying to RO Partner universities through UCAS.

Organisations we work with

At Realising Opportunities (RO) we work with a wide range of organisations to support the RO programme in various ways. Please follow the links below for more information: