Below are useful resources for RO students who are currently completing the programme. Resources are organised by cohort. If you’re unsure to which cohort you belong please get in touch with the RO Central Team

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RO students in Cohort 13: 2021/2023

RO students in Cohort 12: 2020/2022

RO Recognition

RO students are eligible for additional consideration and alternative offers where relevant when applying to RO Partner universities for up to two year after completing post-16 studies.

For more information about RO recognition please find the relevant Recognition Guide based on which RO cohort you are/were a part of.

Which cohort are/were you a part of?*Your Recognition Guide
Cohort 13Recognition Guide 2023 entry
Cohort 12Recognition Guide 2022 entry
Cohort 11Recognition Guide 2021 entry
Cohort 10Recognition Guide 2020 entry
Cohort 9Contact the RO Central Team to discuss recognition

*If you are unsure which cohort you are/were a part of please contact us.