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UCL Masterclass: Law (2)

Location: Online

Event information: Masterclasses are online, subject-specific hour-long sessions for students in Year 12 to get an opportunity to have a taste of university. The masterclasses are designed to introduce you to subjects that can be studied at university. The hour-long sessions will feature a lecture on a specific topic from UCL academics or students. This year, Masterclasses will be hosted online.

The sessions are interactive and we encourage you to engage with the presenters, there is an opportunity at the end to ask questions about the topic presented.

Topic: When should you (dis)obey the law?
Law commands obedience. Yet, what—or who—are we submitting to?

To some, the law is both moral and desirable. We live in complex societies and, without law, would descend into chaos. Disobeying the law is thus dysfunctional, even depraved. Others are less trusting, They argue that the law restricts the freedoms of certain groups more so than others. Highlighting its control by special interests, they argue that the law is a valuable weapon in class warfare. In an unequal society, legal disobedience can sometimes be a form of resistance, even enlightenment.

The above conundrum will inform the Masterclass on the relationship between law and disobedience. I seek to achieve two aims: 1) to encourage you to think of the privileges and disadvantages that laws simultaneously constitute and 2) to stimulate reflections on legal education and its part in advancing the type of society we aim to build.

This event is suitable for: Year 12

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Event Details

Date: 17 February @ 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Time: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Venue: Online
Organizer Name: UCL