RO Relaunch Tuesday – Partner university spotlight

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University of Birmingham

Why Birmingham?

The University of Birmingham is an official Partner of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, building on the university’s track record in sports science research. The vibrant campus will welcome athletes and spectators to the Games taking place in world-class sporting facilities, and will even provide volunteering opportunities for staff and students who want to gain valuable work experience working at a major sporting event.

As a research intensive university, the University of Birmingham produces research that results in significant discovery and global impact. Check out some of the following research spotlights to find out about recent discoveries:

University of Exeter

Why Exeter?

Research at the University of Exeter aims to break down barriers to create innovative solutions to complex, global challenges and is home to the UK’s top five most influential climate scientists! Click here to find out more about the ways in which the academic community at Exeter University plays a key role in climate research.

Check out the following research centres at Exeter:

King’s College London

Why KCL?

King’s College London is an internationally renowned university aiming to deliver exceptional education while driving positive change into society. By expanding the contribution King’s makes to London, King’s vision 2029 sets out how the world-leading education and research that takes place will continue to be impactful on a global scale.

Check out the scholarships and bursaries on offer at KCL here.

Lancaster University

Why Lancaster?

Lancaster University uses a college system which will provide you with a network of support, friendships and facilities that will ease you into university life. For many students, your college is more than just a place to stay during your first year of university. It’s where you will study, take part in activities such as quizzes or live performances, and somewhere you can get a friendly word of advice.

Why not ask current students at Lancaster what it’s like living in a college?

Explore what new discoveries are being made at Lancaster at the following research centres:

University of Leeds

Why Leeds?

At university, it’s important to gain real world experience that will help you stand out, making you a more employable graduate. As the 5th most targeted UK university by graduate recruiters, the University of Leeds offers fantastic enrichment opportunities designed to help you explore career options and gain the experience you need to succeed.

Click here to learn about the type of work experience you could take part in at Leeds.

Explore impactful research findings taking place at the following research centres at Leeds:

University of Leicester

Why Leicester?

Starting university and moving away from home can be daunting for lots of people. The halls of residence at Leicester will provide you with a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment that will make moving away from home easier. From the jam packed schedule in the Village Hub to the motivational atmosphere of the Olive Bank Study Suite, life in halls at Leicester will make the transition into university life fun and easy.

Check out the world-class research taking place in the following research centres at Leicester:

University of Liverpool

Why Liverpool?

Attending university in the 4th friendliest city in the world will ensure you receive the warmest welcome to student life. The main campus is in the heart of Liverpool but the university also has a campus is Suzhou China where many students go on to complete a study abroad year.

If a study abroad year sounds like an opportunity you would like to take part in, Liverpool’s institution-wide Language Programme, Open Languages, provides you with a new way to learn a modern language through a flexible model that will fit around your schedule and prepare you for your year abroad.

Click on the following research centres to find out what researchers at Liverpool are developing:

Loughborough University

Why Loughborough?

The vibrant community of students, graduates and established entrepreneurs at Loughborough provides students with practical skills and insight into the world of start-ups and self employment. If you have a business idea or already have your own business, the combination of the Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN) and the two on-campus Start-Up Labs will support you in bringing your ideas to life.

Explore the following research centres at Loughborough:

Newcastle University

Why Newcastle?

Previously rated as the 7th in the UK for overall student experience and 4th in the UK for student life, your experience at Newcastle is likely to be a good one. From the range of societies and clubs offered by the Student’s Union to Study Support facilities, including Maths-Aid and Writing Development, your social life and academic journey will be perfectly balanced.

Read more about the student experience at Newcastle.

Read about current research being produced by Newcastle University:

University of Nottingham

Why Nottingham?

Rated Sports University of the Year 2020, the outstanding facilities at the University of Nottingham ensure that everyone has the chance to participate in sport, at a level that’s right for them. The brand new David Ross Sports Village offers an accessible sports provision for all with facilities including a 25m swimming pool, 3 tennis courts and a 60m sprint track.

If sport isn’t for you – don’t worry! The Student’s Union offers more than 200 societies to choose from and hosts a calendar full of events to attend.

Find out what new interesting discoveries are being made by researchers at the University of Nottingham:

Queen Mary University London

Why Queen Mary?

The friendly, diverse and inclusive community at Queen Mary combined with the research-led and innovative teaching makes for a rewarding student experience.

You will be encouraged to gain work experience that will enable you to succeed at university and widen your career opportunities and aspirations. The Student’s Union Volunteering Service at Queen Mary is a great way to gain a range of work experience and develop invaluable skills that will be of benefit to you beyond university.

Check out the following research centres at Queen Mary to learn about new and important research findings:

The University of Sheffield

Why Sheffield?

Awarded No.1 Student’s Union in the UK for 4 consecutive years, the student experience at Sheffield will not disappoint! With over 400 societies and sport’s clubs to choose from, gig venues and even a drama studio, there is something for everyone.

Click here to find our more about student life in Sheffield.

Explore current research at Sheffield:


Why UCL?

UCL is in the heart of London offering 400+ degree programmes. The innovative research-led teaching combined with the Connected Curriculum at UCL means that your undergraduate programme will be guided by research produced by academic staff. It also encourages you to make connections with other students and researchers and produce research of your own.

Check out some of the research centres at UCL to find out about recent discoveries:

University of Warwick

Why Warwick?

If you enjoy performing for an audience or love the escapism of watching a film or play, Warwick Art’s Centre, one of the largest multi-functional performing arts venue, is for you. Here, you can appreciate arts, culture and events on campus with other students!

Click here to hear more about the student experience at Warwick from current students.

Discover current research at Warwick:

University of York

Why York?

Getting around campus at York is quick and easy! It is close to the hustle and bustle of the city, which can be found a short bus journey or pedal away.

As a student at York, you can receive tailored support to help you understand your options and plan for a career you’ll thrive in through York Futures. By discovering your strengths, developing your skills and networking with 450+ employers on campus at careers fairs, you will have all the tools to succeed at university and in your chosen career.

Find out what research discoveries are being made at York: