July 2021: Pathway to becoming an Architect The process of becoming an architect is a long one and consists of threeparts. Although there are now apprentice routes available (currently only atpart 2 stage), I have outlined the most common route below: Part 1: This consists of a 3 year Bachelors (BA) degree in Architecture,followed by a ‘year out’ in an architecture practice,

June 2021: A day in the life of a Secondary School English Teacher As getting into teaching goes, I probably have taken the most unconventional route possible. I had no intense desire to become a teacher as a young person, no sudden epiphany at sixth form and no sudden discovery at university. If anything, I actively fought the idea of becoming

May 2021: A day in the life of a Senior Clinical Scientist – Medical Physics (Radiotherapy Physics) My name is Greg Martin and I am part of the healthcare science workforce in the NHS. Healthcare scientists make up 5% of the NHS workforce, but are involved in over 80% of patient pathways. This could be through carrying out diagnostic tests on

April 2021: A day in the life of Kay, a Software Test Engineer My name is Kay and I’m a Software Test Engineer. A Software Test Engineer is the person in the software development team who tests out the code and functionality that the developers have written, to verify that everything works the way it should (and not the way it